Delivery Information

Delivery Information

1. How long it will take to deliver after my order confirmation?
We will deliver within 24 hours after order confirmation. However effort will be made to deliver with a shortest possible time.

2. What delivery methods do you use?

By local courier Service
Usually we deliver the products in Sri Lanka by local courier service. In this method the buyer has to be paid for the ordered item / items in advance. It will take 12 to 24 hours to deliver the parcel to your door-step. This is the most convenient and safe method to deliver. You will get a full refund if your order does not arrive within 24 hours.

You can be paid after received the ordered item /items. Cash-on-delivery currently available for selected areas only. Please contact our customer care department for more information.

3. Can I cancel my order?
If you wish to cancel order, please contact our service team by email: to notice us within 3 hours after your payment. As we usually deliver orders within 12-24 hours, so order usually can be canceled within 3 hours in working days, and it cannot be canceled after 3 hours as long as it is handed over for deliver.